Gudbrandsdalen - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail

 Hike along the Pilgrims' Way in Gudbrandsdalen: Lillehammer – Tjodvegen in Øyer - Ringebu Church – Dale-Gudbrand’s Farm – Vinstra.

Walk along the Pilgrims' Way through Gudbrandsdalen, also known as the “valley of valleys”, and you will experience a unique cultural landscape, history and cultural heritage at close range.  The route is varied, slightly hilly and encompasses historical trails such as Tjodvegen in Øyer and Kongevegen. From spectacular vantage points along the way, you will get a different and very distinctive impression of Gudbrandsdalen.The cultural landscape, history, hospitality and local food prepared by our carefully selected accommodation providers will leave you with lifelong memories.

This tour will not be arranged for individuals from summer 2014.
We can tailor make tours for groups min. 8 - 10 Persons.

This trip can be combined with other Pilgrims' Way trips:

The Pilgrims' Way from Tyrifjorden across Hadeland to Mjøsa. From Ringerike via Hadeland to Gjøvik. With Skibladner to Hamar and Domkirkeodden
The Pilgrims' Way across Dovrefjell
This tour is on request, ie you can contact us with your preferred date and we will check for availability.

Day by day program

Day 1. Individual arrival, Lillehammer.
Overnight stay:Lillehammer Youth Hostel. Lillehammer Art Museum, Bjerkebæk – the home of Sigrid Undset, Maihaugen open air museum and Storgata with its unique wooden buildings are all well worth a visit.  

Day 2. Lillehammer – Skåden Farm (25 km).
Terrain: Hilly, some uphill climbs. Overnight stay: Skåden Farm. The day starts with a hike along the idyllic Gamleveien, past Storhove - an important cult-centre in pagan times. From Sundgarden, an old ferry landing by Lågen, the route leads through hilly terrain with a slight uphill climb to Skåden Farm.Along the way is Vedem Farm where King Håkon Håkonsson had a guildhall built in the 1200s. For a shorter hike, transport can be arranged.

Day 3. Skåden Farm - Glomstad (15 km).
Terrain: Slightly hilly. Overnight stay:Glomstad Guesthouse. The first historical records of Skåe Farm dates back to 1333. In earlier times, the area was Øyer’s cultural centre, featuring a pagan temple and later an old church which was in use until the Black Death arrived in 1349. From Skåe, the Pilgrims' Way follows an old main route used during the Middle Ages, and you will come across Kjørkehaugen with remains of an old, medieval stone church.  

Day 4. Glomstad – Ringebu (16 km).
Terrain: Slightly hilly. Overnight stay:Venabu Fjellhotell. The day starts with an idyllic, and somewhat steep, descend to Mageli where you join Kongevegen across Rolla Bridge (1824).You are then transferred from Krekke Camping to Fåvang, where the hike continues from river Tromsa’s “Høie Bro” – a spectacular bridge spanning a 28-metre deep canyon.On your way to Ringebu Church, you will pass Elstadkleiva with its village fortification.Guided tour of Ringebu Stave Church (13th century) and the rectory.The route continues along Kongevegen to the centre of Ringebu.Transfer to Venabu Fjellhotell.

Day 5. Ringebu Mountain.
Overnight stay:Venabu Fjellhotell. The day is spent in the mountain where you can relax at the traditional Venabu Fjellhotell, hike to the top of the Muen peak (at 1428 m altitude), enjoy kayaking on mountain lakes by Venabu or try one of the bicycle rides available in the area.Slide show and informal talk about Rondane in the evening.

Day 6. Ringebu – Dale-Gudbrand’s Farm (13 km).
Terrain:Some uphill climbs early on, slightly hilly. Overnight stay:Hundorp, Dale-Gudbrand’s Farm. Transfer to Kjønås where the Pilgrims' Way leads across flat and fertile farmland to the dramatic Bersveinhølen canyon.The walk continues through gentle terrain to the Pilgrimage Centre of Dale-Gudbrand’s Farm, renowned for hosting a meeting between Olav the Sacred and the chieftain of Gudbrandsdalen in 1021.

Day 7. Hundorp – Vinstra (19 km). Terrain:Somewhat demanding - 2 sections with uphill climbs. Overnight stay:Hollandsk Gjestehus. The day starts with a hike along Kongevegen to Sør-Fron Church (1792).Along the way is the farm Sygard Grytting, featuring the only secular medieval inn between Oslo and Trondheim.Grytting is used by pilgrims and was mentioned by King Håkon V Magnusson in 1311. Uphill climb from Grytting to Skar.  
As you continue on to Vinstra, you will pass the 14th century Peer Gynt farm, Hågå.

Day 8. Breakfast and departure from Vinstra by train or bus.

NB:This trip can be combined with other Pilgrims' Way trips:

The Pilgrims' Way from Tyrifjorden across Hadeland to Mjøsa. From Ringerike via Hadeland to Gjøvik. With Skibladner to Hamar and Domkirkeodden or the tour over Dovrefjell.

We can arrange special tours for groups all the way from Oslo to Trondheim.

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